Subsurface Irrigation been in the business for 20 years.

Subsurface Irrigation

We are market leaders in the area of subsurface irrigation. Catering for large jobs, such as sports ovals, councils, schools and commercial properties, they also service small, domestic applications.

Subsurface irrigation is an irrigation technology which is designed for a range of soil textures and significantly reduces the usage of water. By delivering the water directly to the plant’s root zone, subsurface irrigation lowers on-going operational costs and improves the quality of the soil. If subsurface irrigation is installed and maintained properly, it can last for decades, vastly improving the value of the land, and the well-being of the soil and plants.

Subsurface irrigation is the only system that can safely use recycled or treated water without having to go through the expensive process of polishing treatment, because the water does not reach the surface.

The water is applied beneath the surface, which creates an artificial water table below the ground.

This ensures the moisture will move towards the surface, which causes minimum evaporation loss. Subsurface irrigation is an environmentally and economically sound solution to watering crops, sports fields, domestic gardens, school playgrounds and community areas.

The advantages of subsurface irrigation are varied and many, team our are only too pleased to discuss them with you when you are planning your irrigation solution.

Subsurface irrigation is a wonderfully efficient use of water, because surface runoff, soil evaporation and deep percolation are significantly reduced or can be eliminated completely. Because there is better water control, the water application is more uniform, causing less wastage, automation of the irrigation saves time and money, because it decreases energy costs both financially and physically.

We use and recommend Toro Rootguard Tube and TECHLINE™ AS XR Tube.

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Toro Rootguard Tube

Toro offers Subsurface Drip Systems with Rootguard® for Residential, Commercial and Sports Turf Applications. Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) with Rootguard® is the most technologically advanced subsurface irrigation system available. Through smart Rootguard technology, SDI with Rootguard® delivers optimal water application directly to the root zone while impeding roots from clogging the emitters. Rootguard® is available with DripEze®, Enviro-Drip®PC, and Drip-In®. SDI with Rootguard is suited to the irrigation of lawns, shrub areas, median strips, public recreation areas, sports fields, corporate gardens, car parks and vandal prone areas. SDI with Rootguard is also a solution for golf course applications including bunker edges, bunker tongues, tees and greens. How it Works Toro SDI with Rootguard features patented, Rootguard technology, which prevents roots from clogging irrigation emitters. The pre-emergent, TREFLAN®, is impregnated into the emitter during the moulding process and requires no maintenance. There are no filters to change and no chemically treated disks to handle, making it one of the safest subsurface systems on the market. Once SDI with Rootguard is installed in the ground, the slow release of TREFLAN® creates a continuous barrier around the emitter. Roots are directed away from the emitter opening, ensuring optimal water application.

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TECHLINE™ AS XR is Netafim’s unique addition to our dripperline range and another Netafim world-first with non-deteriorating, chemical free resistance to Root intrusion. Netafim’s Techline™ AS XR provides a unique cost effective solution to combat root intrusion. The diaphragm cover is impregnated with Copper Oxide as part of the mould. This means it does not deteriorate; giving you peace of mind that your lawn and garden are getting the exact amount of water they need to thrive. Effective for the life of your dripperline; No replacement of chemical injected filter units; Reduced maintenance costs. APPLICATIONS: Domestic & light commercial sub-surface applications. Sports Ovals Netafim have extensive experience in sub-surface irrigation for sports ovals. Narrow Lanes – Overspray not permitted Many shires have narrow turfed areas where overspray and potential litigation are an issue if using conventional spray systems. Subsurface dripperline irrigation eliminates these concerns. Recycled Water Effluent water is reopening many irrigation opportunities in the landscape sector. Using dripperline irrigation with this effluent water provides the least exposure to the public and is seen as the viable solution when using this water source. Netafim world leaders in the field of dripline tube.

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This machine is designed to lay subsurface irrigation tube in turf and non turf ground, the Ditch Witch is a RT45 which has done only 252 hours.
It can lay up to 8000 meter per day, the vibrating rear end is custom made and is a one only design using Ditch Witch off the shelf parts. It has side shift to the rigt hand side go to just behind the wheel line, handy when installing near a wall or fence.
Can lay 13mm and 16mm tube with the tube going through its custom made blade. This machine only lays one tube at a time. This unit is like new and is ready to work, comes with many spare parts.