flinders view primary school

Flinders View Primary School has a KISSS Subsurface Irrigation System installed.

Flinders View Primary School at Port Augusta in South Australia applied for, and received, part funding from the Federal Government to install subsurface drip irrigation on the school's football and hockey fields.

Toro had the irrigation system designed and supplied 27,000 meters of KISSS "FLAT" with Toro Drip-In with Rootguard @ 4 Lph. Rootguard was used to prevent root intrusion.

A Toro TMC424 Controller,Toro Flow sensor and Toro Solenoids were used in the system.Toro and John Greenwood from Subsurface Irrigation , worked hard together to provide a solution which met the school's budget.

Installation took place during the school holidays to avoid disruption and to ensure security and safety of the children.

Subsurface Irrigation  completed the contract on time and within budget in September 2008.

Subsurface Irrigation has been installing irrigation systems for 18 years. Over the year Subsurface Irrigation has perfected its installation equipment and techniques for installing subsurface irrigation products.

We use a vibrating plough with a specially fabricated blade attached to the machine to place the drip tube in existing turf with minimal disturbance to the playing surface and a quick turnaround result.

Subsurface Irrigation  prides itself on traveling widely to install irrigation systems.

So if you are looking for a contractor to install your subsurface irrigation tube anywhere Australia wide give us a call on 08 85232350 we will be only to happy to help you with your project.
domestic subsurface irrigation grass
Flinders View Primary School oval before installing KISSS subsurface irrigation tube

Flinders View Primary School Before

This is what the oval of the school looked like on our first visit April 2008

Kisss Flat Subsurface irrigation installed at Flinders View primary School

Flinders View Primary School After

This is what the school oval looked like after only six month from the installation of the subsurface irrigation.